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In March 2014, Canada and Manitoba signed a new 10-year (2014–2023) Administrative Agreement for the transfer of Federal Gas Tax Funds. The new Agreement replaces the previous Gas Tax Agreements that expired March 31, 2014.

Manitoba’s allocation will total $340.5M over the first 5-year period (2014–2018) and approximately $713M over the next 10 years.

The funding formula used to distribute gas tax funds is as follows:

• 90% will be allocated to all municipalities on a per capita basis;
• 9.5% will be allocated to the transit communities of Winnipeg and Brandon on a per capita basis;
• 0.25% will be allocated for the application-based Small Communities Transportation Fund; and
• 0.25% will be allocated to Manitoba’s administration expenses.

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The Small Communities Transportation Fund (SCTF) is an application-based fund that supports rural Manitoba communities’ investments in transit infrastructure projects, including purchase of handi-transit vehicles, and active transportation infrastructure. Funding is provided through the new Canada Manitoba Gas Tax Agreement.

A total of $1.0 million is available over five years (2014/15 – 2018/19) for eligible transit, handi-transit or active transportation projects undertaken across Manitoba. Annual funding of up to $200,000 will be available for allocation in each of the five years, starting in 2014.

This fund will provide 50% cost-shared funding up to a maximum of $50,000 per project per year for active transportation and transit projects, including the purchase of handi-transit vehicles. Consideration may be given for 50% cost-shared funding of more than $50,000 for new public transit systems where none currently exist.


Eligible Projects / Expenditures:


Transit Infrastructure

Eligible projects would include, but not be limited to:
• Transit Buses: including hybrids, diesel, natural gas and fuel cell buses, light and heavy rail cars, trolleys, ferries;
• Intelligent Transport System (ITS): fare collection, passenger information, maintenance, propulsion and communication technologies, transit priority signaling, passenger and traffic information, and transit operation systems, including technology that enhance safety and security of operations;
• Related Transit Infrastructure: transit stations, park and ride facilities, storage and maintenance facilities and terminals; and
• Handi-transit vehicles.
Manitoba municipalities with populations less than 40,000 are eligible to apply for transit infrastructure funding.


Active Transportation Infrastructure

Eligible projects would include, but not be limited to:
• Bicycle security (e.g. bike racks, lockers, or enclosures);
• Bicycle facilities (e.g. bike lanes or paths, roadway configuration to accommodate active transportation);
• New sidewalks/pathways for pedestrian use, including curb cut-outs or ramps to enhance accessibility;
• Lighting and signage on trails, sidewalks and bike paths; and
• Active transportation design/project plans which lead to future active transportation development (e.g. pathway design plans, updates to Transportation Plans to include active transportation plans, etc.)
Manitoba municipalities with populations less than 50,000 are eligible to apply for active transportation infrastructure funding

The 2016 Intake period for STCF grant proposals is January 1 – February 28, 2016.

Click below for more information regarding the SCTF, including information on how to apply for funding.