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The Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Secretariat (CMIS) has a long history in providing program support to both the federal and provincial ministers responsible for the cost-shared infrastructure programs.

The CMIS contributes to improved federal-provincial cooperation, and provides single window federal/provincial program delivery to local governments.  The CMIS provides central agency implementation and administrative support in the delivery of intergovernmental and non-governmental infrastructure and economic development funding initiatives.

Since 2000, the Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Secretariat has administered over $1.7 billion in federal-provincial infrastructure projects, as well as over $100 million towards continued economic development initiatives province-wide.

On behalf of the Department of Municipal Government CMIS currently provides provincial administration of:

Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Programs:

  • Canada-Manitoba Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF)
    Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF)

Canada-Manitoba New Building Canada Plan:

  • Building Canada Fund – Communities Component (BCF-CC)
    Building Canada Fund – Major Infrastructure Component (MIC)